The government is obliged to take necessary measures to preserve and improve forests and the environment.

دوشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۷/۲۱ - ۱۰:۴۳

  The Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution, on the 20th mezan of 1399, held a coordination meeting on air pollution prevention and environmental protection under the chairmanship of Qazawatyaar Mohammad Arif Hafiz, member and secretary of the commission, with the presence of Ezatullah Sediqi, Deputy Minister of National Environmental Protection, Mr. Sohrab Sedighi, Deputy Minister of Transport and Traffic of Kabul Municipality, Mr. Mohammad Idris Tokhi, Deputy Minister of Environmental Health of Kabul Municipality, Mr. Abdul Karim Malekiar, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Mohammad Aman Amaniar, Head of Forests and Biology of Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Zakaria, the administrative director of the traffic department and the heads of the departments of the commission.


First; Mr. Qazawatyaar Mohammad Arif Hafiz expressed his gratitude for the members of the meeting and emphasized on the implementation of Article 15 of the Constitution, added: our aim for holding this meeting is Achieving a solution to the problem of air pollution and environmental protection to highlight the gaps and shortcomings related to the observance and implementation of Article 15 of the Constitution identified by the Department for Supervision of the Implementation of the Constitution for government agencies and institutions, and their joint responsibility in this Let's make the field practical.


Then, Mohammad Farooq Faker, Head of the Department for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution, presented his brief report to the Parliament on the challenges of air pollution and environmental protection in accordance with Article 15 of the Constitution.

Furthermore, members of the meeting on the causes and factors of not establishing technical inspection centers for vehicles, stopping and preventing the circulation of old cars, buying and selling animals in public places and the crowds of the city, creating slaughterhouses in inappropriate places, using coal in the season Winter and the presence of garbage on public roads and the import of low-quality oil and gas, which causes pollution in the environment, talked about the above-mentioned issues.

Finally, it was decided that the responsible departments should take the necessary measures in the field of maintaining a healthy environment and according to the five-year plan that has been planned at the government level on the issue and the duties of the departments have been specified Partner with the commission. In order to ensure the observance and implementation of Article 15 of the Constitution of Environmental Protection, reduce air pollution and prevent environmental degradation in coordination with the Commission, the report should be sent to the National Assembly and the President for implementation. Also, the issue of the absence of representatives of the Ministry of Interior and the National Bureau of Norms and Standards in the meeting should be shared with the presidency.     



تازه خبرونه

چهارشنبه ۱۳۹۹/۵/۲۲ - ۱۰:۳۱
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د کابل ولایت د مقام او د کابل ولایت د پوهنې ریاست له استازیو سره د کمېسیون د همغږۍ ناسته ترسره شوه

د روان 1399هـ ل کال د زمري د میاشتې په 22 مه نېټه، د اساسي قانون پر تطبیق د څارنې خپلواک کمېسیون د سرپرست او غړي ښاغلي ډاکټر عبدالله شفایي په مشرۍ او د اساسي قانون څخه د پوهاوي او اړیکو. . .

سه‌شنبه ۱۳۹۸/۱۲/۱۳ - ۱۰:۲۹
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د اوبو د چارو په اداره کې د اساسي قانون پوهاوي په اړه سیمینار جوړ شو.

د اساسي قانون پر تطبیق د څارنی خپلواک کمیسیون د اوبو د چارو ادارې سره په همکارۍ ، دوشنبی د کب په ۱۲ مه نیته "د افغانستان د اساسي حقونو او اساسي قانون د بیاکتنې" د سرلیک لاندې یو ورځنی. . .

یکشنبه ۱۳۹۸/۱۲/۱۱ - ۱۱:۱۷
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د اساسي قانون پر تطبیق د څارنی خپلواک کمیسیون غونډه جوړه شوه

د اساسي قانون پرتطبیق د څارنې خپلواک کمیسیون د روان کال د کب په ۱۱ مه نیټه د  کمیسیون رئیس ښاغلی قانونپوه ډاکټر محمد قاسم هاشمزي په مشرۍ او د کمیسیون غړو په ګدون غونډه جوړه کړه.

لومړی،. . .

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