Creation and background of the Commission


The constitution is one of the important requirements of democratic societies, where the fundamental rights and duties of citizens, the structure of the political system and the separation of powers, the duties and responsibilities of each of the government institutions are identified. Today, fewer countries can be found which has not the constitution. Afghanistan is also one of the countries that its political system was created on the basis of the constitution after the victory of the Constitutionalists, led by Ghazi Amanullah Khan in 1301. Since that time to now in our country, the constitution has been modified and renamed seven times.

Having a constitution in which the fundamental rights and duties of citizens are properly secured, is one of the privileges of a regulated system, but what adds to the importance of the democratic system is not only law, but the implementation and enforcement of its Provisions. Fortunately, the constitution of Afghanistan is one of the democratic laws in which citizens have more rights and freedoms than citizens of the region countries. But what create challenges in our country is the non-observance and enforcement of the law in its exact and right way.

In order to protect the constitution provision in each democratic country, protection of the Constitution institutions have been created nowadays to prevent the creation of an atmosphere of despotism and anti-law approaches and instituted the rule of law effectively. In Afghanistan, according to Article 157 of the Constitution, resolution of this issue is the responsibility of the Independent Commission for overseeing the implementation of the Constitution in order to rule and implement of the constitution equally on all citizens of the country.